Carpet Power Stretching

What is Carpet Power Stretching and How it Works

Carpet power stretching is a specialised service which repairs carpets of any size or shape room. It eliminates problems like rippling, waves, buckling, bunching and even folding of lose carpet. Most of the time improper installation is the issue. With the use of the proper tools, mainly a power stretcher which has a expandable tension pole to pull the slack out of the carpet. With confidence I am able to extend a guarantee good for the remaining life of the carpet. Further more I can handle the moving and return of any furniture in the room as needed. My pricing is not astronomical like those other guys.

You will be glad that you called and saved. Carpet Power Stretching sets the right amount of tension to your carpets backing. Creating the dimensional  stablity needed. Much like a piece of canvas drawn over a frame with art. Proper stretching and fitting of the carpets backing.

1. Adds tensiled strength to the carpet backing as its designed to do.

2. It increases the strength and performance of both the carpet and pad.

A proper carpet stretching repair will give you back the maximum designed performance of both your carpet and padding. Fact 60% of all Carpets installed have at least one issue with something incorrect.

If you notice the carpet is loose the majority of the time the reason is there was no power stretching of that carpet. If you are able to pinch the carpet fibers in the middle of a room and simply pick up the carpet and loft it. Your carpets are unfortunately not installed tight enough. Atlanta Carpet Repair Expert has a specialized carpet power stretching service which repairs carpets of any size or shape room.

Carpet Stretching does not always require removing all the items from the room
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Proper fitting and Installation services ofered in Atlanta
Carpet to perform at its best should be drum tight
Doorway carpet trip hazards can be corrected

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